About Us

Everly Holding S.A.L.: Registered at Beirut’s commercial register on January 19, 2009 under the number 1901405 with a capital fixed at two hundred sixty thousand US Dollars. The object of this company is limited to what is stipulated in articles II of the decree-law n° 45 dated on 24/06/1983:

  • To acquire shares or interests in Lebanese or foreign joint-stock or limited liability companies in operation, or to participate in their formation.
  • To manage the companies in which it owns shares or holds interests.
  • To grant loans to companies in which it owns shares or holds interests and to guarantee them towards third parties. To this end, the holding company may obtain loans and credits from banks and issue bonds in accordance with the provisions of article 122 and subsequent of the Commercial law, provided that the total value of the bonds issued, shall not exceed, at any given time, five fold the amount of the capital of the holding company along with all the reserve funds according to the last approved balance sheet. The company may not grant loans to companies operating in Lebanon, if its participation in their capital is less than 20%.
  • To acquire patents, licenses, registered trademarks and other reserved rights and to license the same to firms located in Lebanon and abroad.
  • To acquire chattels or real estates provided they are allotted only to its activity in compliance with the provisions of the law on the Acquisition in Lebanon of real property rights by non-Lebanese (law-decree no 11614 dated January 4, 1969 amended by law no. 296 dated April 3, 2001)
The company is prohibited from engaging directly in any activities beside the scope of its object as specified strictly in article II of the decree-law n° 45 dated on 24/06/1983. The Board of Directors elected Mr. Abdo Chakhtoura as chairman and empowered him with the attributions stipulated in the articles of association, for a three years period until the approbation of the accounts of the financial year 2014.